We are passionate about the good things in life - family, music, cricket, dance, love, food and much more. This is the passion that inspires Tribe 10’s philosophy,

Tribe 10 has and will keep entering verticals that will actively make living a celebration. Day in and day out. Our businesses will be whatever means life to you; be it dressing up, good music, great dining, great partying, holidaying, why even making life better.

We are all about life. We approach each new day with renewed energy and optimism and go on to make every day different. You will see the reflection of this singular spirit in each of the businesses we run, in the people who work with us and in the way we celebrate life at work.

Shankar and Rajani dreamt of a place where people come to work because they love what they do. And also have fun doing it. They built it that way. It is not surprising then, that you will find that all those at Tribe 10 are young, enterprising, extremely talented and carry an infectious spirit of living life to its fullest.

We welcome you to the spirit of living life, king size. Join the club. Say



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